HOLISTIC® POSTNATAL MASSAGE is given on a massage table, with appropriate biological oils.
It is an 90 minutes in-home session.
This technic is a fully global care which includes dialogue, relaxation and massage.
The massage moves and rhythms are diverse, global or precise, slow or swift, light or profound.
Rest is at the core center of this practice, which gives energy, self-awareness of our physical boundaries, and can offer a spiritual opening.
During a postpartum period, in which the body has been heavily stressed and still is it can provide great rest and resourcing.
It can be given with or without your baby by your side.



In-home session duration : 75 minutes

Price: 75 €

In-home & in a private practice sessions
(Alter Via / Avenue de la Forêt 8 à 1050 Ixelles )

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For appointments, or any questions send an mail to carobusck@gmail.com or call 0476 94 28 18 .